About Us


Our Vision is to enable you to live your best life. 

  • disAbility equip online (deo) is an online store created to assist people in our community who are facing barriers of disability and aging.  Our focus is on Ability rather than disability, empathy rather than sympathy and independence rather than dependence. 

    We are an innovative and caring organisation with over 20 years’ experience in business and marketing.

    We know there is an absolute need for providers in the marketplace who really care enough to assist people in our community to livetheirbest life, to treat them with dignity, acknowledge that they are more than a client number and to respect their individual needs. Through the convenience of online shopping, DEO features a superior range of respected brand products that can be efficiently purchased online at competitive prices. We can advise you what items your NDIS package funding covers for you and guide you through the process.

    We interact daily with disability providers, carers, and professionals who support our clients and we are working alongside the NDIS with aligned products and equipment provision.


  • We are a passionate and caring organisation with over 20 years’ experience in business and marketing but most importantly, we have been involved with the disability sector for over 50 years. As a family of 4 sisters with one having complex disabilities, we always believed she should have every opportunity to have everything that we had. Our passion to help her live her best life is the foundation for everything we do. Read Tricia’s story here.