Are you Self Managed?

You are self-managed if:

  • You claim your NDIS funding when you pay providers upfront.
  • You claim directly from the NDIS through provision of an invoice.
How to place an order in 5 Easy Steps;
  1. Choose your products and add to your Cart.
  2. Proceed to Checkout.
  3. Add Payment details (if paying upfront and claiming later) or (click on NDIS Quote) if you are sending invoice to NDIS for payment first.
  4. Click on orange button 'Complete Order Now.'
  5. Check Your Email In-box - Scroll down to the bottom of your confirmation email and click on Download PDF version.
Please Note: You must send this PDF to the NDIS for processing!
Your order will not proceed until the order is paid for in full.
Please note: This is a 2-PAGE document.
The first page is your pending order confirmation. Please check all details are correct and that you have added the participant's name and their NDIS #.
The second page is the Invoice - please send this to the NDIS for payment to you. If you have paid for your product(s), this invoice will be your paid receipt. Need more information click here Contact Us

    For more information on using your funding, read our Blog here - Your Funding...Use it or you may lose it! – disAbility equip online



    Dear Customers,

    You are very important to our business and we are here to look after you. If you would like to chat to us, please call 1300 946 745.


      We understand that many of you need to provide an order / invoice quote for approval by the NDIS. Please be assured we can provide an invoice for you to submit, that is in the correct format. 

      It is simple - the following instructions outline how you go about placing an order, making a purchase then sending the receipt to the NDIS for reimbursement.


      Further Information - if required

        If you are a SELF MANAGED NDIS participant, you can purchase products from DEO.

        Payment will be taken from you via credit card at checkout, and your receipt / invoice will be sent to you via email which you can then forward onto the NDIS for payment directly back to you.

        Our dedicated NDIS team member is available via phone or email to help with your NDIS questions. If you need help with product selection or an invoice please let us know on or 1300 946 745.