Q1. Who can I contact for general assistance with products or advice?

A. Please contact us during business hours using the information on our website. If we can’t help you, we will do our best to find someone who can.

Q2. What is Assistive Technology?

A. Any device, system or design, that allows an individual to perform a task that they would otherwise be unable to do, or increase the ease and safety with which a task can be performed and assists individuals to carry-out daily activities.

Each plan is individual so check with your plan manager to see what you plan covers.

Q3. Can I use NDIS funds to buy AT and other equipment from you?

A. While we are in the process of becoming registered with the NDIS, most of our products are aligned with NDIS funding packages. Please refer to the NDIS website https://www.ndis.gov.au/ to see if your funding package covers the item you wish to purchase. You can use the Assistive Technology & Consumables Code Guide to assist you with the most commonly used supports. Please be aware that this list may change. Ask you Co-Ordinator for assistance if you are not sure.

Q4. What if you don't sell what I am looking for?

A. We are always updating our products but if you can't see what you are looking for please contact us on hello@disabilityequiponline.com.au or directly on 1300 946 745.

We also offer a sourcing service and will do our best to source the product for you at the best price.

Q5. How do I pay for my purchase?

A. If your plan is Agency managed you can purchase these items from us directly through your plan manager and they can arrange the payment for all eligible AT items for you. 

If you are self-managing your NDIS plan, there are two options to pay for your supports with your NDIS funding:

Make a Payment Request through the NDIS and then pay us directly.


Pay us directly and then make a Payment Request through the NDIS.

Go to https://www.ndis.gov.au/coronavirus/participants-coronavirus-covid-19/using-your-budget for more information.

Q6. What if I need to return something?

A. We want you to be happy and encourage you to read out full T & C’s regarding returns before you buy from us.

If your equipment is faulty, we advise you to contact us at your earliest convenience with your proof of purchase. This process will trigger an internal course of action to investigate the problem, the status of the warranty and provide a plan for rectification.