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We're featuring some products from our range that you might find useful

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Our name disAbility equip online (deo) has been chosen to offer clarity about who we are and what we do.

We place our emphasis on the Ability, in disability, as our wish for all our customers is to... Live their best life!.

We commit to supporting YOU our valued customer through your decision making journey, to treat you with respect, and to fully understand your personal needs.

Ask us about our Product Sourcing Service which you can access by calling us on 1300 946 745 or reaching us on .


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We believe in easy access to things that are good for our mind, body and spirit. With an extensive range of products, superb support and a secure checkout you’re in good hands.

With dozens of difference disability and mobility products, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our store.

100% Australian Owned and Operated.

Product Sourcing Service = Peace of Mind!

Let us do the hard work for you! Trolling through endless stores can be exhausting, confusing and frustrating. If you can't see the product you are looking for on our site, call our team and we will do our very best to source the best product for you at the best price! Call now on 1300 946 745 or email

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Our Beautiful Customers

Great customers come to DEO

The Best thing that ever happened to me! - By Leanne Spangenberg-Sklavenitis

This story is beautiful!!

An extra special delivery saw the arrival of my new sit/stand wheelchair. It’s something I’ve been wanting for such a long time and it’s finally here.

For those of you who don’t know, it is amazing and allows me to be sitting one minute, and with my carers strapping me in and pressing some buttons, I miraculously am then transformed mechanically from a sitting to a standing position. This allows me to then be upright, stretch my legs and back and it feels awesome.


Product of the Week

We're featuring some products from our range that you might find useful

Sensory LED Bubble Wall Water Feature - Great for Sensory Zones!

This striking high-end Sensory LED Bubble Wall Water Feature with stainless steel Base and Top Cover is the newest in our range featuring colour-changing LED lights and makes a spellbinding addition to any home, bedroom or sensory zone The Sensory LED Bubble Wall Water Feature is made from high quality acrylic and stainless steel. It's unique continuous bubble effect within the acrylic chamber, produced by a quality air pump in each unit located in the base and accentuated by the clever use of multi-colour LED lighting.

Check it out now

Our Blog

Stay informed on Mobility Scooters, Mobility Aids, daily Living Aids and product features.

If you are a parent or carer who believes more should or could be done both treating and understanding Teens and Young Adults With an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis this months blog is for you. This blog includes my 5 Tips to Finding the Right Assistance.


I recently had this question posed to me in our Chat room. This is a common question and an even more common thing than we probably know. So, I dec...

Sleep Wellbeing Recently I have become more and more interested in sleep and am really keen to find out more. Now I declare up front I am not a Doc...

What Our Customers Are Saying

5 Star Review - Stand Up Wheelchair "We have just bought a quality Stand up Chair for a very reasonable price from a magic company and I am Grumpy old man!"
Stand Up Wheelchair

Raymond G.

5 Star Review - Sensory Space "My son loves it, it's perfect and roomy too!"
Sensory Space

Tamara H.

5 Star Review - 150Kg Front Heavy Duty 10" Rollator "This is an absolutely wonderful walking aid. Thank you for the great customer service & prompt handling & delivery, just wonderful service."

Aileen B.

5 Star Review - Dream Stand & Sensory Swinging Hammock Pod. "Awesomeness - is the word that comes to my mind. Very happy with my product . Arrived super quick .and easy assemble."
Dream Stand & Sensory Swinging Hammock Pod

Michelle C.

5 Star Review - Cordless Phone "Fantastic customer service Recently purchased an amplified phone and received outstanding customer service from Julie-Anne. I will be using this company again in the future. Thank you."
Cordless Phone

Allan C.

5 Star Review - Calming cloud beanbag "Love it! But my toddler wants one now 🤦🏻‍♀️"
Calming cloud beanbag

Bouaphet V.

5 Star Review - Lightweight Wheelchair "The lightweight Wheelchair is a very well made unit its features leave nothing to want in a chair of this type, it's so easy to fold and transport the weight and folded size is excellent for especially older people to handle, Thank You!"
Lightweight Wheelchair

P. Wood

5 Star Review - EXTRA WIDE HEAVY DUTY GUTTER ARM ROLLATOR "Very happy with the purchase, great service as well as after sale service too!"

Heidi - W.

5 Star Review - Upright Walker "We ordered the extra wide upright (forearm) walker before Christmas. The service was outstanding, and the walker duly arrived prior to Christmas as promised. Thank you to your staff and for your excellent service."
Upright Walker

Anne K.

Thank you Julie-Anne, Your concern, service and expertise are excellent. Gerard


Thank you so much! I was so surprised and happy to see this arrive this morning. I have a memory foam dream pod and not I have the weighted blanket to relax with and I just took the best 2 hour nap ever with the blanket! I LOVE it. Thank you so much 😊


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