Jun 22 , 2020


Julie-Anne Dietz

Independence is something we all depend on to get us through each day. We like to be able to carry out tasks ourselves ever since we were young and we would like to continue doing this into our elder years.  This can include everyday tasks such walking to the shop, meeting our friends for a cuppa or going to visit our families. We need to be able to get around on our own accord and to do that, we need mobility. Some people’s mobility levels can differ from others and sometimes, age can be a factor in this. However, regardless of your age, you still want to keep your independence by doing these things on our own.


If you feel like you can’t walk to the shop because it’s too far, or you get tired too easily and the same for visiting friends or family, maybe a mobility scooter can be the answer for you. They can help you get to the shops or to a friend’s home and even carry the shopping home with their detachable baskets. They are stylish in design and come in a range of colours making them attractive to users and people who pass you by.  There are certain features you should be looking for when choosing a Mobility Scooter, like the speed, weight capacity, budget and the purpose for the use.


Finding the right scooter for you, is quick and easy once you know what you are looking for.

-          A Boot Scooter is easily foldable making it compact and transportable so you can bring it with you in the boot of a car. They have a slim design and are ideal for people who travel in cars or on public transport. They can be used on a flat terrain, indoor or outdoor. 

-          A Small Scooter are ideal as a general runabout scooter, perfect for inside shopping centres or on short journeys. They can be used on roads or paths once the ground is in good condition and some of them can travel up to 10mph.

-          A Medium Scooter is mainly used for outdoor use and can travel from 4mph to 8mph. They are able to cater for kerbs and hills with their added suspensions. They are ideal for local journeys with their robust frame making them more durable.

-          A Large Scooter are perfect for long journeys outdoor with their enhanced suspensions and larger tyres. They have a higher weight capacity and are better equipped to handle tougher terrain or inclines.

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