Adaptive or Assistive Technology?

Adaptive or Assistive Technology?

Oct 01 , 2020


Julie-Anne Dietz

In essence, Assistive Technology is the term used for a device, tool or technology that helps an individual perform the functions they might not otherwise be able to do with their disability.   One excellent example is a wheelchair; without it, a person would not be able to get around and live within the community.

Adaptive Technology is where the tools which are existing are adapted for the individual.   This might be modified driving controls for a motor vehicle or a home renovation specifically geared to the needs of the person or people living there. 

Examples may include;

Ramps & rails - These can be somewhat inside and outside the home and can be temporary or permanent and designed to not only be functional with your home but suit the style and look of your home.  

Bathroom modifications -  Aside from assistive technology, existing bathrooms can be modified to support transfer and handling but most importantly safety! All modifications should be designed to increase the level of  independence and assisted living.

Kitchen renovations - This area of the home sometimes needs modifications, particularly for those in wheelchairs or other disabilities where they have limitations, but still are able to look after themselves.   Home renovations these days mean that more people can stay in their home longer and more often, than having to move to other options.   Kitchen adjustments can be anything from bench height to shelving and cupboards that have greater accessibility.   For some people, they need catches and handles which are specifically modified for their specific needs. 

For those people in our community facing barriers of disability and ageing one of the biggest fears is losing their independence.   

The technology in the areas of disability care and aged care is ever advancing.

Equipment and home renovation options are becoming more prevalent and available for people who have a need.   No longer do you need to persevere!   In fact, rather than ‘trying to make do’, consider some adjustments to your life, engage in some home or daily activities which will give you a full life and one with more options and opportunities.  

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