Are you Suffering Back Pain?

Mar 31 , 2021


Julie-Anne Dietz

Are you Suffering Back Pain?

We have great hospital style beds for anyone experiencing back pain. Did you know that lifting the top part of your hospital bed by just 45° limits the compression of your lower back? Similarly, lifting the bottom part of the base can reduce the stress on the middle of your spine. With the ultra-low adjustable bed, you can adjust the height of your mattress until your back pain disappears.

The PremiumLift ultra-low adjustable hospital bed will assist with lightening any back pain. With an electric adjustment mechanism that can go up to approximately 70°, and the knee adjustment up to approximately 30° leaving you to wake up refreshed and with less pain.

The PremiumLift ultra-low adjustable bed has a Power supply unit that is (LIMOSS) German Electronics made and a backup battery for emergency lowering for the standard Beech Head and Footboards. Have peace of mind knowing that even if your power cuts out, you can still get in and out of bed with this backup battery for your PremiumLift ultra-low adjustable bed. The battery itself is discreet so as not to clutter or take away from the look of your room.

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