Beach Walker - The All Terrain Beach Rollator

Feb 07 , 2021


Julie-Anne Dietz

Beach Walker - The All Terrain Beach Rollator

“Thank you very much for the beach rollator, which arrived safely yesterday. Jamie assembled the walker last night and tried it out on one our local beaches this afternoon”.

Jamie, aged 52 lives in Geelong Victoria and lives with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. This is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow and sadly in November last year, Jamie was diagnosed as terminal.

Prior to his illness, Jamie and his wife Phillipa used to walk their dogs every week on the beach at Queenscliff. Since becoming ill, Jamie is dependent on a four-wheel walker.

His walker can not be taken on the beach and one of Jamie’s goals on his bucket list was to walk on the beach again, with his dogs and Phillipa - a goal which seemed impossible.

So when Jamie received his terminal diagnosis, he and Phillipa set out to find a solution.

They contacted us at disAbility equip online to see if they could access something they could use on the beach. The options were limited. From adding conversion wheels to the existing rollator (unfortunately, Jamie’s current model wasn’t compatible to sourcing a new walker) to sourcing a brand new rollator and then adding the beach wheels was a cost they could not afford.

DisAbility Equip Online working alongside, with one of our manufacturers BeachWheels Australia ® stepped into help offering the All-Terrain Beach Rollator. This walker is specifically designed to navigate all the challenging off-road terrains – soft sand, mud, gravel, grass, rocks and cobblestones – even coral!

By using this rollator, Jamie is able to challenge his mobility restrictions and live his best life!

Now, thanks to the rollator, Jamie, Phillipa and the dogs have resumed their beach walks which they hope will continue for many weekends to come.

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