Benefits of Inclusion in Australia’s Great Outdoors

Benefits of Inclusion in Australia’s Great Outdoors

Oct 19 , 2021


Julie-Anne Dietz

disAbility equip online got a call from a lovely lady the other day who manages the tourist centre in the Denmark Region of WA called Walpole.

A quick Google Search of the region confirms exactly what she said about the beauty of this stunning natural forested wilderness areas, home or adjacent to 10 National Parks, 430kms south of Perth.

“This region is so beautiful we would like everyone to enjoy it!” she said.

The fact that this isn’t currently possible is a crime, everyone should have the chance to be one with nature and enjoy the numerous benefit’s naturally beautiful locations like Walpole WA has to offer.

This set me off into another Google search.

What level of study has gone into understanding the holistic benefits of access to nature for the disabled?

I soon came across a research article titled: Health Promoting Nature Access for People with Mobility Impairments … (here is the link)

Health-Promoting Nature Access for People with Mobility Impairments: A Systematic Review (

In short, the research paper concludes that people with mobility disabilities gain different health benefits, including physical health benefits, mental health benefits and social benefits from accessing nature.

According to the research, natural environments have a positive impact on human health by:

  1. reducing the time it takes to recover from stressful events [3],
  2. reducing mental fatigue [4],
  3. increasing social ties [5] and
  4. encouraging people to engage in more physical activities and other outdoor pursuits [6].


Your Vision for disabled access

Before I give you the solution to affording access to your facilities for people with mobility issues, I would like to pose these key questions to you. This may be of interest to anyone who manages visitor centres, national parks, wilderness reserves or indeed any property that has access to nature walks or beaches that can be enjoyed by all abled body people.

  1. What is your inclusion strategy for the disabled, the elderly or people with permanent or temporary mobility issues?
  2. How do you make access to your nature walks, beaches and or facilities for those with mobility issues? and
  3. How much would you like to offer those with mobility issues the capacity to enjoy your facilities?


If any of these questions resonate for you here are some key concepts that we shared with Walpole as a first position to ignite their disability access strategy.

Vision: Everyone has access to Walpole Natural beauty regardless of their circumstances.

Mission: The safe access to beach, trail and nature pursuits for the disabled

The WHY: This is part of the Walpole Inclusion Strategy for people with a disability or permanent or temporary mobility issues.  

Core Thinking:

Therapeutic Opportunities



  • Visual Stimulation
  • Outdoor Experimental Therapy

Mental Benefits

  • Natural Perception
  • Place Attachment
  • Change of Environment

Activity Opportunities

Social Interaction

  • Support from others
  • Involvement of family and carers
  • Recreational Pursuits


  • Photography
  • Bird Watching
  • Add more here

Physical Benefits

  • Interventions
  • Recreations

Here are OUR practical solution to access issues.

The All-Terrain Beach Wheelchairs and Walkers

disAbility equip online in association with BeachWheels Australia Wheelchairs makes beach access and other All-Terrain access available. You will love the durability this All-Terrain Beach wheelchair has to offer. It’s in stock now, for all the features follow the link or call us on 1300 946 745. 


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 All Terrain Walker


Allow your guests to feel the enjoyment and freedom of accessing all types of landscapes.

The WheelEEZ® Beach Walker All-Terrain Rollator from Beachwheels Australia is specifically designed to navigate all the challenging off-road terrains… soft sand, mud, gravel, grass, rocks, cobblestones (plus road and concrete).

No one should be defined by mobility restrictions, the Beach Walker - All-Terrain Rollator can take the users off the path and onto the beach or a trail giving the freedom everyone deserves.

The Beach Walker - All-Terrain Rollator has the wider WheelEEZ® polyurethane wheels.

This allows for a safer more stable base to walk with, giving each user the added confidence to experience the great outdoors with ease.

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Either of these great products means access becomes possible and should be no barrier to the enjoyment of the great outdoors for all. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information - please call on 1300 946 745 .

Julie-Anne Dietz

Owner – DEO





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