Confidence Begins at Home with Soft Play

Oct 28 , 2022


Julie-Anne Dietz

Confidence Begins at Home with Soft Play

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Definition of a Hero

“A child or adult with special needs, who puts his feet on the floor every morning, ready to try again today”.

Joy of Autism


We love what we do here at DEO and nearly every day are blown away by some of the conversations we have with customers. So many stories with themes of tenacity, overcoming adversity, time and care taken to care for the love of family. More often than not we are able to assist, even in a small way, just by pointing people in the right direction to find a product that just may make life better i.e. To Live Your Best Life!

This week I have had two great conversations with customers who were looking to set up home play spaces for their children. One parent has a child who has a vision impairment and has low spatial awareness. She needs assistance with the development of her gross motor skills.

This mum was telling me how her daughter is lacking some confidence, while still adapting to her disability. She is a little fearful playing outdoors and especially in playgrounds where there were other children and unfamiliar surroundings.

We discussed the wonderful benefits of providing a safe play space for her daughter through the use of Soft Play equipment in her familiar surroundings. We discussed how this will help her adapt and progress to playing in community areas as she gains confidence and skills.  This is turn will allow her to develop her social skills.

The other customer has a son with no lower limb movement with a form of paraplegia that rendered her son mostly immobile and confining him to a wheelchair for periods of time. He is able to crawl across the floor and to pull himself up, gaining precious upper limb development, using the Soft Play Equipment.

There is also the health and safety aspect using soft play equipment in the home.  It is here that we can protect our children from harm and germs while they develop their skills and confidence.

It is a winner, all around, isn't it?

Notwithstanding the numerous benefits of outdoor community play and socialization, I do think that building confidence for these kids ‘begins at home’.

They need familiar surroundings and equipment that is suitable for their needs so they can enjoy play, experience achievement and build confidence which one day may result in a move beyond their home environments.

I referred these customers to my August blog – Hooray for Coffee Time and Soft Play.


Circling back to in this blog, I highlighted some main points in favour of the benefits of Soft Play there are five in particular that I would like to refer to again here.

1. Cognitive development and growth

One of the main benefits of soft play is its enhancement of the thought process; soft play helps children understand cause and effect. Soft play also helps a child to gain a comprehension between the relationship of items and hand-eye coordination.

2. Security

When in a safe, sensory space, children can feel more secure within themselves, thus giving them a sense of security. The feeling of security within a soft play area can encourage movements and interactions that ordinarily might prove a challenge. As the child becomes more confident, these skills can then be transferred into the outside world.

3. Problem solving and adaptability

A new environment, such as a soft play sensory room, offers new opportunities to experiment and tackle problem-solving. These new situations require creativity to try new approaches and techniques to adapt and absorb what works in these new surroundings.

4. Creativity

One of the many benefits of soft play is how it can nurture and encourage creativity. Children can interact positively with the sensory soft play equipment to really engage their brain. A soft play area makes a great prompt for storytelling; for instance, a fort, playhouse or tunnel adds to the sensory experience.

5. Communication skills

New environments provide new opportunities to extend vocabulary and different ways to communicate! Children can learn to describe what they are doing and label actions such as 'pull' or 'push' or even learn the names of different textures such as 'rough,' 'soft' and 'smooth' with the use of soft play equipment.



It is so important for all kids to be able to get out and play. There are numerous benefits and whilst the journey for our children with disabilities may take a little longer the rewards for getting there are even greater!

If you would like any further assistance with your soft play deliberations, please let me know. We have a catalogue that can be downloaded here, and please don’t forget if there is an item that you have seen and like and our store isn’t carrying it, we have a product sourcing service just reach out and let us know we would be only too happy to assist.

Thanks for reading my blog, everybody. If you would like any more information on Soft Play or just to have a chat, please feel free to reach out. I can be contacted on 1300 946 745 or

Until next time. Take care everyone.

Julie-Anne Dietz


Founder and Owner - DEO

Live Your Best Life!

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