Did you know an Assistive Technology (AT) request can be made at any time?

Did you know an Assistive Technology (AT) request can be made at any time?

Mar 08 , 2023


Julie-Anne Dietz

Your child's needs are always changing and Assistive Technology (AT) is an area that changes regularly also.

Did you know an AT request can be made at any time?

Yep...it is possible to submit an Assistive Technology (AT) Assessment or request to the NDIA at any time.

A participant's requirements are constantly changing so there is in-built flexibility in the NDIS for AT requests.

Recent changes mean participants with flexible AT funding in their plans can now access a wider range of AT items without submitting a quote.*

*For certain items, a Letter of Support from a qualified assessor may be sufficient in some cases 

Low-risk, Low-cost AT can be purchased from the consumables budget without permission, if it is reasonable and necessary and will help meet your child's goals.

How does the NDIS define 'reasonable and necessary"?

  1. Reasonable - a service or item that is considered to be fair
  2. Necessary - a service or item (s) you need because of your disability

Copy and paste the link below to see what types of supports are funded.


While each claim and case is individual, the NDIS will generally cover supports that allow people with disabilities to:

  • pursue goals, objectives and aspirations
  • increase independence
  • increase community and workplace participation, and 
  • develop their ability to actively participate in their community

    There are several ways to make an AT request:

    • Enlist the help of a qualified allied health professional. Speak to an Occupational Therapist or a physiotherapist to assist you with filling out an AT Assessment Form
    • Submit a quote for the AT item yourself, along with a Letter of Support (from an allied health professional or a qualified assessor), to request funding and indicating why the item is reasonable and necessary for your child's disability.
    • Discuss these changing needs at a Plan Reassessment


    For the latest information, please visit the NDIS website

    ndis.gov.au/ participants/assistive-technology-explained 

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