“Getting Old Really Isn’t Much Fun” - Ageing with Dignity is Living!

“Getting Old Really Isn’t Much Fun” - Ageing with Dignity is Living!

Nov 04 , 2021


Julie-Anne Dietz

Last week I was chatting with my mother who is approaching her 80th birthday. It is nice to catch up on her daily living and check in ‘that things’ are going ok.

I suppose I am in the sandwich generation i.e. In the broadest sense, the “sandwich generation” is the “caught in the middle” generation who have living parents and children. More specifically, the term often refers to middle-aged people who support both their parents and their children, whether financially, physically or emotionally.

Our conversation did take a bit of a left turn when my mother confided that getting older really isn’t much fun!

Now my mother is going well health wise and is independent and active. BUT a couple of things she said was a concern and I sense representative of ‘living for many Australians over the age of 75’.

Of concerns were comments such as:

  • “My doctor has seemed to have lost interest in me as I see his eyes glaze over when I’m explaining my issues.” And
  • “This is the last of the procedures I have now, the medial system won’t support another one of these tests.” And
  • “I feel that I have gotten to the stage where I am invisible now, people use to look and acknowledge me, now they just look through me.”

What is happening in our society that allows our elderly to feel this way? Is it the speed of the world? Is it our care for people is diminishing? Is it that the world doesn’t want to adapt to the ever increasing ageing population segment?


My mother taught me long ago that the best way to adapt to change is to take as much responsibility for it yourself.

5 Tips for Ageing with Dignity

This led me to a dive into the internet to find out who or what can help me to understand the notion of ageing with dignity and I came across a nicely written piece from 365Care - 5 Tips to Ageing with Dignity - 365 Care

Take a look at this article because I found it really useful. Here is a dot point summary on the 5 Tips To Ageing with Dignity:

Tip #1. Recognise Role Reversals As A Positive Transition.

Tip #2. Accept Limitations And New Opportunities.

Tip #3. Encourage Honest Conversations.

Tip #4. Prepare Your Documentation.

Tip #5. Understand The Differences In Popular Long-Term Care Options

Here is a summary of the information in Tip #5.

There are several types of aged care services available in Australia. Each service is uniquely designed and positioned to help the elderly receive the care, support, and attention that they need as they move through the ageing process.

The most popular types of care services include:

  1. In-Home Care – Staying in your own home for as long as possible, making suitable modifications, and receiving in-home care services as needed. There are many providers around who offer these services, but like anything, do your research carefully before appointing a service provider.
  2. Retirement Living and Independent Living – These facilities offer a self-sufficient lifestyle that includes the support of healthcare providers.
  3. Assisted Living – As its name suggests, this type of facility is meant for individuals who need daily help in a wide variety of capacities. From housekeeping services, to prepared meals, to physical therapy, assisted living facilities tailor their services to the needs of each resident.
  4. Aged Care Facilities – These facilities are designed to offer the personal and medical care that residents need on a 24-hour basis.

Ageing with dignity is a process that can and should be supported by loved ones, friends, and medical providers so elderly individuals and adult children can receive the peace of mind that they need to prepare for the later years in life.

Live Your Best Life!

Fond regards

Julie-Anne - DEO

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