Jenny Banks Sensory Zone - Nelson Campus Melbourne

Nov 14 , 2023


Julie-Anne Dietz

Jenny Banks Sensory Zone - Nelson Campus Melbourne

Here's a really nice outcome for anyone thinking of setting up their own Sensory Inclusion space.

Jenny says ...

"It’s a place where you can feel grounded, and everyone who goes in there, sort of always comes out saying how peaceful they feel.”

What great work by Jenny Banks and her team consulting with other schools and experts to land a Sensory Inclusion Space at the Nelson campus for their student co-hort. This campus is located 14 kilometres east of Melbourne City, the Nelson campus is the second location in Box Hill.

After the successful launch of the Zen Den at the Lilydale campus, Jenny Banks, Schools Support Coordinator, has led the team in the build for a purposefully made sanctuary. Designed for students to experience emotional regulation in an environment that transcends peace, tranquility and calmness in a safe and secure space.

In addition to collaborating with the team at the Yarra Ranges Tech School, Jenny consulted with an Occupational Therapist, to ensure that the room is supplied with equipment that is suitable for all needs.

The space includes activities and stimulants for the five of the eight senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. “Often, students will be overwhelmed and experience anxiety in the classroom, particularly returning to school after a long time, like COVID lockdowns or being disengaged from mainstream schools. Then it’s a big deal coming back into the four walls of the classroom,” Jenny says, “It’s a place where you can feel grounded, and everyone who goes in there, sort of always comes out saying how peaceful they feel.”

When students are in the space, they are checked on every fifteen minutes, and the student wellbeing officers and counsellors are engaged. It’s pivoting the traditional learning experience to encompass a focus on wellbeing in schools.

Jenny and the team are now looking at more activities to launch in 2024, from a food pantry (for snacks and lunches to students that cannot afford it) to a walking group at the local park. “It’s about building a sense of community, and social connection,” Jenny says.

Ultimately, it’s that sense of community and the goal of making this a safe and secure space is something that Jenny was and is passionate about, “There is no other space on campus where you can go, have that time out, destress and ultimately return to the learning space and meet your education goals and such.” She says, “But it’s a place that we can give our students ownership of something here. It’s their space, a safe space and it’s really beautiful.”

Here are some of the items Jenny included in her space:

Great work Jenny and all the team at the Nelson campus leading the way in sensory care. 

If you would like more information on Sensory Products and/ or the best way to set up your next sensory zone, please reach out we would be only too happy to assist.

Here is a catalogue to download from our website. 

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