Mmmmmm... I think someone is Rorting the NDIS

Mmmmmm... I think someone is Rorting the NDIS

Jun 27 , 2024


Julie-Anne Dietz

We can be a funny bunch at times we Australians, what with the tall poppy syndrome thing, embracing the underdog tag and keeping 'mum' if the bloke next door is doing the wrong thing (well some of us do that), it got me thinking about what we should do if you think someone is rorting the NDIS.

Just what should we do? 

There are quite a few other OECD countries that offer government support for their disabled citizens, but from what I can see there aren't too many other countries that offer a scheme quite as sophisticated as Australia's NDIS.

Therefore, I think that we should strongly protect it, care for it and use it properly to ensure the right people are getting the right support.

So, what are some ways that people are committing NDIS fraud ? (Click Link here to the NDIS portal).

They include:

  • unlawfully obtaining and using NDIA information or restricted data 
  • providing false or misleading information 
  • using fake documents and invoices
  • making claims for services or products that were not provided
  • misusing funds.

And here is what you could consider doing.

If you suspect someone is rorting the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or breaching a code of conduct related to NDIS in Australia, here are the steps you should consider:

  1. Document Your Concerns: Collect as much information as possible about the suspected wrongdoing. This might include specific incidents, dates, times, individuals involved, and any evidence you can gather (such as emails, documents, or photographs).

  2. Report to the NDIS Commission: The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is responsible for handling complaints and reports related to breaches of the NDIS Code of Conduct. You can report your concerns directly to them. You can reach them through their website or contact them by phone. You can call the NDIS Fraud Reporting and Scams Helpline on 1800 650 717. You can also email . If you are concerned about the way NDIS supports and services are being delivered – whether you think it is fraud or another problem - you can talk to the NDIS Commission.

  3. Contact NDIS Fraud Reporting: If your concern is specifically related to fraud or misuse of NDIS funds, you can report it to the NDIS Fraud Reporting Hotline. They investigate allegations of fraud or financial abuse involving the NDIS.

  4. Contact Relevant Authorities: Depending on the nature of the breach, you might also need to contact other authorities such as the police, if the breach involves criminal activity.

  5. Protect Your Identity: If you wish to remain anonymous, check if the reporting channels allow for anonymous reporting. Some situations might require you to disclose your identity to provide further information or evidence.

  6. Seek Legal Advice (Optional): If you are unsure about the legal aspects of the situation or if you are concerned about potential repercussions, you may seek legal advice before making a report.

It's important to act promptly but responsibly when reporting suspected wrongdoing. The NDIS is meant to support individuals with disabilities, and ensuring its integrity helps maintain trust and accountability within the system.

I believe it is in everybody's best interest to take care of our NDIS. Give the 1800 number above a call to register your concerns or email fraud reporting I am sure you will be looked after.

Until next time.

Live Your Best Life!




Julie-Anne - Founder and Owner DEO

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