Need help settling the kids to sleep? Meditation Options designed for ages 2 to 102

Need help settling the kids to sleep? Meditation Options designed for ages 2 to 102

Aug 28 , 2023


Julie-Anne Dietz

Need help settling the kids to sleep?

At DEO we love a good news story and are lucky enough to work with some great suppliers and this month’s blog will profile one of them.

Many meditation traditions have long described endless thoughts as the Monkey Mind, when thoughts, many even intrusive, just won’t go away. Introducing kids to meditation at a young age can assist them to learn how to self-soothe, calm down and change the way they feel, among many other benefits.

Meditation Options designed for ages 2 to 102

Kristie and Monique are two sisters from NSW who between them have 6 children. With an aptitude for thinking laterally and problem solving, they enabled their entrepreneurial spirit to take on the sleep challenges they evidenced in their children. Getting kids off to sleep is often one of the biggest challenges facing parents. There had to be a solution.

When their oldest children were young, they introduced meditation on CD finding it to be a very calming and effective tool. The repetitive sounds and voice, over time signaled sleep and it became evident that this really worked. Maybe they had an answer.

After taking into account the limitations of CDs and meditation ‘downloads’ from the internet (many of which include regular advertising interruptions), the solution was founded in a child friendly cuddly toy, with meditation music embedded to the creation of Meditate Mate.

“Having experience with meditating ourselves, we decided to create an easy-to-follow meditation script voiced by one of our daughters, embedded within a small speaker and designed in a peaceful plush monkey, we trailed int on our kids and not only did it work so well but they loved it!” Monique stated.

Market testing followed and the feedback was fantastic, actually overwhelming and the girls knew they had a product that would actually assist kids to sleep.

At DEO we added Meditate Mate products to our Health and Well-being range a long time ago and have been very pleased with customers responses to the range.

The latest is Oscar the Whale, combining a cute, cuddly design with a beautiful soothing whale sound piano track.

Designed for ages 2 to 102 🐳

How Oscar can be used for different age groups:

Ages 2-6: A soothing lullaby that will help to relax at bedtime and signal that it is time for sleep. Can be used as a tool for nap time  or as a circuit breaker after a tantrum or bad mood. Their new cute cuddly best friend. A great travel buddy for kids to help them feel comfortable while they are out or have to travel.

Ages 6-12: Used as a tool to stop overthinking, anxiety, worrying thoughts, and as an alternative to devices at bedtime, replacing a device with Oscar, can help the brain naturally produce the melatonin that a screen will inhibit. 

Ages 12-20: A calming background noise that helps with study, relaxation, reducing stress, anxiety and helps with concentration and learning abilities. Can improve memory and attention span. A perfect background track to use for meditation, yoga, and creative or academic pursuits.  

Ages 20+: For adults, Oscar can be used to assist with meditation, for relaxation, used in the office or at home, soothing night time or sleep routine. Helps with insomnia, anxiety, negative thought patterns, bad dreams, environment noise etc.

If you or someone you know has used and loved our iconic Meditate Monkey, you’re going to love Oscar!

How to use Oscar:
Press the Love heart on the tail to start the track. Press again to pause the track. Press twice to start from the beginning. Includes Volume control – +

Oscar’s track has been described as great for sleeping, studying, relaxation, and overall amazing healing music. 

Reviews for this track include:

  1. Amazing calming music.  I relaxed my mind after a few minutes!
  2. This track has been putting me to sleep within 5 mins every night for the last week. Gotta say, great mix of the whales and piano in the background
  3. This gets my baby to sleep so fast!!
  4. I can relax to this forever!


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