The Best thing that ever happened to me! - By Leanne Spangenberg-Sklavenitis

Feb 14 , 2022


Julie-Anne Dietz

The Best thing that ever happened to me! - By Leanne Spangenberg-Sklavenitis

An extra special delivery saw the arrival of my new sit/stand wheelchair. It’s something I’ve been wanting for such a long time and it’s finally here.

For those of you who don’t know, it is amazing and allows me to be sitting one minute, and with my carers strapping me in and pressing some buttons, I miraculously am then transformed mechanically from a sitting to a standing position. This allows me to then be upright, stretch my legs and back and it feels awesome.




For the first time in a long time, Steve and I were able to stand facing each other without him having to physically support me at all. It was such a wonderful experience for both of us.

After so many years of just sitting, I began with a 5 minute stand to help strengthen my neck and straighten my spine and I’m now up to 25 minutes. I work on this every day, and whilst it’s hard, I’m determined to get moving again. It also has a lay down option so I can meditate and, with the help of my carers, do some arm exercises, such as flies and presses. I never would have thought I’d be doing these types of basic exercises again however I am starting to slowly improve.

Leanne is a truly remarkable person and an inspiration to us all. We loved looking after Leanne and Steve who added ... "We have just bought quality Stand up Chair for very reasonable price from a magic company and I am Grumpy old man!"

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