Youth Support and Products Ideal for Teenage Autism

Youth Support and Products Ideal for Teenage Autism

Jun 28 , 2023


Julie-Anne Dietz

At disAbility Equip Online we are privileged to work with many community centric organisations that appear to be doing some great things in the disabilities, disadvantage and underprivileged space. One such organisation is the South Burnett CTC Inc (CTC) based in Kingaroy, Queensland.

Taking information from their website, CTC were established in September 1983 and began life as a grass-roots community response to addressing the high levels of youth unemployment and over the years we've expanded and diversified our operations in accordance with the needs of the community.  

Today CTC is a multi-faceted, community owned, not-for-profit organisation that continues to address the needs of disadvantaged people throughout the South Burnett and into our neighbouring communities across a wide range of programs. CTC has as its main objective the direct relief of poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability and helplessness in our community 

Thankfully there are great organisations operating in and around our Australian regional territories. Daily their lived experiences hone in on management best practices. In relation to product support, the following are a selection of the products CTC thought useful for the youth that fall under their care. Please feel free to click on the links of any of the products that may be of interest to you.

Suggested Products

  1. Tactile sensory Touch Mats
  2. Sensory Therapeutic and calming Sand Art Scape
  3. Sensory Spikey Balls
  4. Calming Acupressure Ring Set
  5. Tactile Aku Rings
  6. Tactile Walkway for Autism
  7. Hex Trampoline with Stabilising Bar
  8. Hand Grip Set – Exerciser & Fidgeting Sensory Kit
  9. The Works Fidget Kit – for Teens & Adults
  10. Sensory Hanging Egg Swing Chair – with vestibular support for kids with Autism
  11. Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles

At DEO, it is an absolute pleasure assisting organisations such as CTC. We hope that by listing the products as chosen by experienced people we assist other like organisations when making their product their selections.

For more information please reach out via or call 1300 946 745.

Live your best life!


Julie-Anne Dietz

DEO – Founder & Owner

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